agronauti  - Beauty is a serious...
agronauti - Beauty is a serious matter.

True! However, for us Agronauts "Those who want to look beautiful ... must not cause suffering." We want to tell you a story that's a bit different from what you've heard so far, it's about beauty. A very serious story, but one that doesn't take itself too seriously. A story about how making yourself look beautiful can become a gesture that does good, to ourselves and the world in which we live. It is about how men and women can get cuddle each other, just after we manage to get them to smile. Tell someone else that smiling causes wrinkles and therefore it?s better not to. We want to help you to be beautiful on the inside (and the outside). But also beautiful behind, if needed. We caress your face and body with all natural creams, day and night. We cuddle you with brushes and sponges that are 100% vegan. When you are tired and fatigued, we rid you of toxins and correct your imperfections using "no-nonsense" products. We use a white packaging on which Marco Aguirre (aka Sien One) has used delicate lines to draw a team of superheroes to protect you from the attacks of urban life.
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