RMS beauty Signature Palette Pop Collection, Makeuppalette 1 Stück

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Pop - die poppige Palette

The Pop collection ist gefüllt mit RMS beauty's Buriti Bronzer, Magic Lumizer highlighter, Lip 2 Cheek balms Demure & Beloved und Lip & Skin Balm Simply Vanilla (mmmm)


Give your skin a hint of rose-gold radiance with master mixer, a subtle warm highlighter. Drench your skin with sensual luminosity using living luminizer, a sheer dewy glow. Enliven your lips and cheeks with our multi-purpose lip2cheek. Smile, a modern coral pink adds a warm, youthful flush and Spell, a sophisticated dusty rose, makes any look cool-girl-chic! Rejuvenate your pout with Cocoa Lip & Skin Balm for maximum hydration. Doubles as a potent moisturizer for face and around eye area.


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