Madara DETOX Ultra Purifying Mud Mask, Reinigungsmaske 60ml

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This deep-purifying detox mask with Nordic forest lake mud cleans, tightens pores and conditions, leaving skin fresh, matt and revitalised. Effects: 1. Clarify: Absorbs excess oils, cleans, refines pores, reduces outbreaks 2. Detoxify: Power of mud binds toxins and heavy metals and helps to eliminate them 3. Rejuvenate: Eliminates traces of acne and minor inflammation. 4. Recharge: Recharges with trace elements and vitamins for a revitalised and glowing complexion 5. Hydrate: The colloid structure of mud helps to retain skin?s hydration. Recommended twice a week as clarifying treatment for oily, combination skin, skin with enlarged pores, blemishes, acne. Recommended once a week to combat skin dullness, tiredness and occasional inflammation. VEGAN Nut Free Natural & Organic ECOCERT Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free: Cruelty Free - Ohne Tierversuche
Label: Glutenfrei Ecocert Vegan
Inhalt: 60,00 ml
Apply on clean face and neck, let the the mask work 5-10 minutes (see the table for more precise recomendations), remove the mask with tepid water, pat skin dry. Apply a moisturizer. Moisten the mask if it becomes too dry or if the dryness makes you feel uncomfortable Do not use this mask if you suffer from rosacea or irritated skin condition, as prolonged redness and irritation may be caused by this product. Ideally, peeling mask should be used a few days to remove dead skin cells and allow this mask to reach deeper into the skin. No not apply purifying mask right after peeling mask as it may cause skin irritation. IMPORTANT: The may cause temporary redness and irritation (warming, tingling) to your skin. If you feel discomfort, like burning, remove the product from skin with water. Next time, apply product for shorter time. Do not use the mask if you have fragile, hypersensitive skin.
mud Lavender Watercress Alcohol Lactic Acid Olea Europaea Algae Xantan Gum Aroma Limonene
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