Enfance PARIS 0-3 ans - Savon protecteur apaisant - Babyseife 0-3 Jahre BOX 100g

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100% Bio mit Dotterlein, Shea Butter und Kokosnussöl, handgefertigt, ohne Parabene, ohne Palmöl, ohne Tierversuche, ohne Zusatzstoffe, ohne Mineralöle...einfach NATUR und sanft duftend nach Lavendel.

Enfance Paris offers an ultra rich organic soap, perfect for the daily use of the 0 to 3 years old. The organic Shea butter, and organic vegetable oils of Camelina and Coconut naturally nourish and protect children's skin and scalp. Organic essential oil of Officinal Lavender brings calming and soothing virtues. Thanks to its subtle aromas, the Enfance Paris soap acts on the well being of the child as well as of the parents. In this way, the experience is shared. The soap is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. Our soaps are 100% hand-made in France. In keeping with the traditional know-how of cold saponification, they are crafted manually then dried for 7 weeks. Once the skin has been gently cleansed, it remains soft and doesn't suffer the aggressive effects caused by industrial soaps and shower gels. This soap-making process meets the requirements for optimum quality that Enfance Paris dedicates to children.

Inhalt: 100,00 g
Lather up under water and apply to the whole body and hair, avoiding the eye area, then rinse with clear water. For an optimal preservation, put the soap down on a soap dish after use or hang it by its ribbon.
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