Atelier Cologne Clémentine California Seife 200g

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"It was the kind of moment you would want to revisit. Everyone was here, gathered on the terrace for breakfast, and the scent of fresh oranges was diffusing in the yellow heat. A symphony of their laughter and waves hitting the cliffs played in the air."

Kopfnote: Italienische Blutorange & spanische Bitterorange
Herznote: Jasmin aus Ägypten & südafrikanische Geranie
Basisnote: Ambra, brazilianische Tonkabohne & Sandelholz

Soap: 100% vegetal, the Orange Sanguine soap is made from the traditional French methods, ensuring a very high quality. Enriched with a unique combination of aloe vera and shea butter (soothing and moisturizing actives), the soap keeps the skin gently softened and delicately scented.

Inhalt: 200,00 g
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